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Christmas Day and red wine

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I’m not going to start with Merry Christmas or Happy New Year because I’ve already typed those words a million times and I’m sure everybody is fed up with hearing them. Instead I thought I’d tell you about the bottle of 1982 red wine which I talked about in my previous blog. That bottle was kindly given to us by Kumar’s cousin with all good intentions and we somehow managed to save it until Christmas Day but as soon as I put the corkscrew into the cork, I realised that something was very wrong. The cork had rotted away leaving only the thin wrapper and as you probably guessed, the wine had gone completely bad. I poured the wine down the sink, something I hate doing. I’m guessing that the  wine had been stored upright instead of on its side for those thirty four years and air had entered the bottle.  Well never mind. I had a bottle of Papa Figos red on hand and within minutes we were drinking that instead. This is a very famous wine here in Portugal and the name is actually the nickname for a much loved bird called ‘golden oriole’.  Figos means ‘fig’ and golden orioles love eating figs so we could translate Papa Figos as ‘fig scoffer’. Douro on the bottle is the beautiful area where the wine is made. The  Douro Valley not so far from Porto City in the north. I’ve never yet seen the River Douro but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

Christmas Day was pleasant.  We ate a terrific lunch of Chicken Cordon Bleu with sweet potatoes and various vegetables but my best meal of the week was on Christmas Eve when we cooked breaded cod fillets, potatoes with sweetcorn, curried beans and various vegetables. I am typically British in that I love fish and french fries together. We drank some Portuguese champagne with it and it turned out to be a great and tasty meal.  On Boxing Day we came back down to earth again and ate fried rice for lunch. I was the cook and to my amazement the food was really tasty. I don’t rate my cooking very highly unfortunately but sometimes I can come up with very tasty meals. If the girls were here from Nepal, I’m sure we would have had some very tasty dalbhat with lots of extras.


14 thoughts on “Christmas Day and red wine

  1. Oh such a shame about the wine , Dai! But I am glad you had another wine that came handy 🙂 We had some Porto wine too, yesterday on our 3rd day Christmas meal. Everybody said that it was a great wine. I had gifted it to my bf’s family. It was quite strong for my taste, I was already slightly tipsy with just one glass. My Christmas meal was great as always. Polish Christmas meals are so elaborate and full of food and cakes. I got some nice presents too, which is also pleasant. Today, I am back at work but it’s very hard to focus after holiday break. :/ You have any plans for New Year’s Dai? We’re going to a co-worker’s wedding party in a pub! Quite unique.

    • None, Pooja. I’ve hardly celebrated New Year in my life. Right now I’m just waiting for Kumar to finish his shower and then we’re walking up to Pingo Doce to buy some promotional stuff. I need Kumar with me this time because there will be a heavy load. Then we’re off to see a lawyer at 11:30 am, back home for lunch and then Kumar will go to work and I’ll stay home to do some things. It’s quite cold here to go anywhere although we do have bright sunshine. It was only 5c this morning which is really cold for Portugal. Try to enjoy your day, at work.

      • I envy the sun Dai! We seriously haven’t had any sun since like forever. Cold and gray, always. On sunny day, I love walking to the park. I was thinking of doing a short weekend getaway somewhere sunny but there are almost no weekend flights Dai,, and we are very tight on number of free days for 2017 as we’ve already used 10 working days out of 20 for Philippines. So I want to save rest for the summer. At this time of the year I’d love to enjoy some sun in Italy, Spain or Portugal. There is one flight to Madrid on weekend exactly but it’s just for one day! which I guess is not worth it.

      • Well you can be guaranteed of sunshine in the summer here but it gets very hot too. Too hot for me sometimes. If you do come, we can drink some red wine together.

      • Yes 🙂 We did the train to Peso da Regua, stayed 2 nights and continued to Pococinho next day. I would have liked to make it to the Spanish border but it was the last weekend of the boating calendar and they weren’t running that far. The boat trip back to Porto was fabulous though. It’s in the blog. I’ll dig it out for you if you like. 🙂

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