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A bottle of 1982 red wine

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Yesterday the owner of the shop where Kumar works very kindly gave us a bottle of red wine to drink on Christmas Day. Not a common wine but a red wine made back in 1982 by a wine cooperative in Borba Village, about 148 kilometres to the east of Lisbon.

I always listen to the descriptions which wine experts give about different wines with amusement:-  a slight hint of raspberry or a hint of jasmine on a warm summer evening or maybe slight overtones of pencil shavings. Here is the description I found online of this 34 year old wine.  I wonder how they dream up these amusing descriptions.

‘This wine knows how to grow old and keep fit. Brownish colour, with orange and slight greenish features. Medium concentration, captivating to look at. Aromas very similar to the previous year but with more vegetable, green pepper, spices and some nuts. Palate with structure, fills the mouth and becomes almost as chewy. Complex and with nuances of dried fruit and raisins. A persistent ending’.

Regardless of whether our wine tastes of jasmine or hints of raspberry or even nuts or pencil shavings, we will be enjoying it with lunch on Christmas Day.


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