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Finally some news from Dai

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Flocky Wocky after bath August 2016

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this picture of Flocky before but never mind, it’s one of my favourites so I love using it. Do you like German Shepherds, Pooja ?

For those of you who have been wondering where I am, well I’m at home in Lisbon trying to recover from a spell of red eyes. I’m not really sure if the problem was caused by an infection or just by being a computer addict but my eyes are now much better and I’m online once more. I’ve discovered that pharmaceuticals are far more expensive in Portugal than in Kathmandu and even Bournemouth. I’ve been waiting for almost six weeks for a form S1 from the National Health Service in the UK so that I will be covered for any medical treatment here in Portugal. I hope the bureaucratic thing will arrive here soon. When we reach old age, lots of things start to go wrong and I’m no exception. I must say that I’ve had a remarkably healthy life though and rarely ever needed to consult a doctor.

This morning about 5 am when I was making porridge and chopped fruit, we were suddenly plunged into darkness.  Wow that was a shock and in the darkness I spilled some of the porridge over my hand and onto the floor. I fumbled my way to wash my hands in the bathroom and went to find where I had left my mobile phone. I found a pack of candles in a kitchen cupboard so I had a little light to sit and eat my porridge in the kitchen. Now I should be well used to power cuts after all my time in Kathmandu where we sometimes had as many as sixteen hours cuts a day. But the cut this morning took me completely by surprise. The cut didn’t last too long mercifully and by 5:30 am I was watching the news from my favourite armchair in the sitting room.

This time last year I was preparing for my flight to Kathmandu and yesterday our niece Rasmi asked me for my arrival day. That has set me thinking and I will check some fares online today. I wish it wasn’t such a long journey or at least we had a direct flight from here. The journey involves two flights totalling around 13 to 13.1/2 hours of flying and some hours of transit in Istanbul Airport. I just don’t know whether to fly or leave it till later.

I’m going to get a shock when I get to Kathmandu because apparently there are houses being built all around ours. Luma and her sister Moti invested their life savings about thirteen years ago and bought a cheap plot of land in Satungal where they started constructing a family home. It turned out to be an incredible investment for them because land prices have hit the sky in Kathmandu these days.  I saw the area first about eleven years ago and the whole area was beautiful, covered with lush green rice paddies and almost totally undeveloped. Fast forward to 2016 and the family has finished the house but unfortunately hundreds of other families also bought plots of land in the area and now it has become a concrete jungle, a town in itself and almost devoid of any greenery at all. The local people have ruined any green areas that remained by walking across the grassy places and turning the whole area into mud and garbage with construction waste. It’s so shocking what humans can do to a beautiful natural area.

We are almost ready to move to a much larger apartamento hete in Lisbon. We are renting this very tiny apartment but it is painfully small and we don’t have enough space to keep things. We have what must be the world’s smallest shower and the door is so small that we have problems getting in and out. Really !    When inside the shower it’s impossible to move so we have to be careful never to drop the soap hahaha. But this place served its purpose and provided a home when we desperately needed one. We were so incredibly grateful when we first found it.

I think I’m rattling on and I have no limit when I get going. It’s thundering too so maybe I should disconnect my laptop from the power socket. The TV too.  I will go to see what I can make for lunch today; red fish or trout with french fries and salad is what I have in mind.


14 thoughts on “Finally some news from Dai

  1. Glad things are well, Dai. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Thanks for the nice account, it makes for good reading for this insomniac. I’ve been dealing with bloodshot eyes, too. Possibly conjunctivitis, (“pinkeye”) which is an infection under surface of the eyes (and fairly contagious.) Were your eyelids ever glued closed when you awakened? (I hate that.) Could also just be infected eyelash follicles. Glad it cleared up, whatever it was.
    Lunch sounds yummy! … Here everyone’s still eating leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Amazing how many ways you can prepare leftover turkey! Flocky’s looking well, too. Thanks for the post; hope you find a larger shower-stall’d apt soon! lol. Take care…..:)

    • Greetings, Doug. My eyes were never glued closed I’ve never heard of that type of glue before so I just used Optrex eye solution. How was your Thanksgiving, Doug ? We can only imagine it from what we see on the internet and on TV. Do you give presents to everyone, like Christmas ? A proper shower stall is at the top of my list now, Doug. And loads of kitchen cupboards and a good work counter too. Properties here in Lisbon tend to be very old fashioned compared to the UK. I also want a large style fridge/freezer so we can freeze stuff at home.

  2. Good to hear from you again, Dai. Sorry to hear about your red eyes. Whenever my daughter’s eyes are red, I mixed some baking soda with water and ask her to rinse her eyes and it works every time. Flocky is simply gorgeous. I like German Shepherds and Rottweilers. ~ヾ(^∇^)

  3. Good morning, Dai. I’ve never had any pet dogs myself but I hear that they’re incredible creatures.. I should think of getting one in the future. Flocky must be missing you too in Kathmandu.
    I know what you mean by the fast and haphazard construction of houses in Kathmandu.. I grew up in Tinkune and that area had much bigger space and greenery when I was young. Now it’s all houses around you..so suffocating. All the green spaces in the outskirts of Kathmandu are also quickly disappearing in the recent years.. such a shame.
    I wish Kathmandu was nearer too.. Or at least a direct flight, like to India. I cannot wait until my family visits me this summer, but I have to sort out a lot of paperwork for them to apply for tourist Schengen visa.
    I hope your Sunday is going well Dai! It’s a gray and cold day here as usual..

    • Good morning, Pooja. At first the girls in Kathmandu didn’t want us to get a dog but now they are used to it and they are inseparable. Flocky has become their whole lives now. I would give anything for a direct flight from Lisbon to Kathmandu but it will never happen. Pooja, I hope your parents get the Schengen visa without any problems. Most Nepalis get refused but elderly parents are often successful. Kumar got his visa at the German Embassy simply and it cost €60. Your parents should be okay. It’s pretty cold here these days, Pooja and today will only get up to 17c so it feels very shivery. No snow in Lisbon though thankfully. Will you stay at home today Pooja or do you have some plans for somewhere.

      • My family is going to apply for visas at the Swiss Embassy in Kathmandu as it overlooks Poland cases as well, Dai. I hope it will be without any problems. We’ll see. 17 degrees is cold? 😀 Ha ha. I think we’ll have to wait until March at least for those kind of temperatures.. I and my boyfriend are going to the store to check out some car batteries today. I recently got my license and have an old car to drive around, but the battery keeps dying like it did yesterday.. so we’ll have to figure out what to do with it today.

      • Well 17c is cold for here, Pooja. That’s maximum though. It’s really cold at night and right down to 9c at the moment. I’m using a hot water bottle at night. It’s great that you now have a car, Pooja. That will be really useful when your parents are there. Did you drive when you were in Nepal ?

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