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4 Nepalis in horrific highway accident in Portugal.

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I haven’t been able to spend much time online recently due to some health issues but yesterday I promised myself that I’d post something today.

Immediately after waking up this morning I saw the news that there had been a horrific highway crash down in Odemira (south of Portugal) involving four Nepalese citizens. My thoughts immediately turned to NSC who is working down there near Odemira and I jumped up and grabbed my mobile phone to call him to make sure he was okay. He is. I was sorry to wake him up on his weekly day off but I was obviously worrying.  Two Nepalis were killed instantly in the crash and two are in hospital in serious condition. I will now send out messages to Nepal, to Goma, Russ and the family in case the crash has been reported in the media there.

I was due to fly to Nepal very soon but I haven’t been too well recently so my trip is presently on hold.  I wish I could have gone to Kathmandu for the Tihar festival so Russ could have gone to join her family in the village.  She has to stay in the capital to take care of Flocky.


11 thoughts on “4 Nepalis in horrific highway accident in Portugal.

  1. Hi Dai.
    What a terrible tragedy.. I am about to get my driving license and it makes me nervous hearing about such frequent car accidents..
    I hope you get better soon Dai! Tihar is really a wonderful time in Nepal, isn’t it..I am missing Tihar, but this morning I got terrible news of my grandfather’s death, so there will be no more celebrations for our family for 1 year, according to Hindu traditions.

    • Oh Pooja, I am so sorry about your grandfather’s death. So awful when a relative dies.

      I’m getting better, Pooja. I need to lose some weight too and I’m doing that as well. The girls have been sending me pictures and videos from Kathmandu so I’m missing it. It was so good to have lots of pictures of my dog, Flocky.

      I’m going to make some tea now, Pooja, and at 5 pm I will watch my favourite programme on TV.

    • It sure was a relief to hear that NSC was safe, Wilma. He’s coming back up to Lisbon in a few days to start a job within ten minutes walk of the flat.

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