4 Nepalis in horrific highway accident in Portugal.

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I haven’t been able to spend much time online recently due to some health issues but yesterday I promised myself that I’d post something today.

Immediately after waking up this morning I saw the news that there had been a horrific highway crash down in Odemira (south of Portugal) involving four Nepalese citizens. My thoughts immediately turned to NSC who is working down there near Odemira and I jumped up and grabbed my mobile phone to call him to make sure he was okay. He is. I was sorry to wake him up on his weekly day off but I was obviously worrying.  Two Nepalis were killed instantly in the crash and two are in hospital in serious condition. I will now send out messages to Nepal, to Goma, Russ and the family in case the crash has been reported in the media there.

I was due to fly to Nepal very soon but I haven’t been too well recently so my trip is presently on hold.  I wish I could have gone to Kathmandu for the Tihar festival so Russ could have gone to join her family in the village.  She has to stay in the capital to take care of Flocky.


The devalued UK Pound and other thoughts.

Another blog from:       Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk

One of the best moves I ever made was last year when I could exchange my British Pounds for 1.42 Euros in Lisbon. I decided to keep my savings in Euros instead of Pounds. Now in Lisbon, one UK Pound is almost equal to one Portuguese Euro. You can work out how much better off I am because of that. Now I think in Euros and of course spend in Euros. It wasn’t long ago when I needed to translate all amounts into Nepalese rupees but now it’s Euros.


Soon we should be moving into a different apartment on the other side of the River Tagus in Lisbon. The land is much flatter over that side but Lisbon City is all about hills, steep hills, and lots of climbing up and down. To go anywhere from here we need to climb hills. All first time visitors to Lisbon are amazed at all the steep climbs they have to do here. There is no metro line under the river but we have an excellent ferry service across the river from Cais do Sodre Metro Station to Cacilhas on the other side. The journey time is just 8 minutes and costs only €1.40 one way.  The other side of the river has a surface


metro which is very modern, inexpensive and efficient but is not connected to  the Lisbon City metro system. Kumar, Luma and the three girls will probably work in Lisbon City so we are trying to find a good apartment within walking distance of the ferry/metro station to cut down on daily travelling time and expense. Kumar must get his EU permanent residency first and then he is planning a Pan European tour, especially of Switzerland and Austria.

My travelling days are sadly now well over and I’m struggling trying to accept that. Now I will spend my remaining days being happy and enjoying life. I want to see all family members well settled and happy and prosperous.

The days are getting noticeably shorter here now and temperatures have dived. After the many hot, dry months of summer, it’s a welcome relief.  The first thing I want in the next apartment is airconditioning. Lisbon is one of the sunniest places in Europe and we go for months at a time without rain here. It rained two days ago after six months of sunshine. I wish it was more balanced.