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Stabbings and bombs. Gun ownership. St Cloud shopping mall

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I don’t know about you all but I’m sick to death of hearing the world news these days. It all seems to be about war, violence, killings, bombings, shootings, stabbings and so on. Now we have all the bombs found in New Jersey and New York. I was really shocked to hear about the mass stabbings in the Crossroads Centre in St Cloud, Minnesota. Normally Minnesota is a very safe state to live in but times are changing and nowhere is safe anymore.  A large number of Nepalese students live(s) in St Cloud and I hope that they are all okay. The police shot dead the attacker. I think he was originally from Djibouti or Somalia or somewhere in that area, because of his name. I think that if ever I had to live in the  USA  I would buy a gun for my self protection and to protect the family members at home. Many people think that guns are only for killing but looking at this another way, they are also for our protection and can save lives too.

I hope that the New York Police find the person who exploded the bomb on Saturday before he or they have a chance to plant another one.   Nowhere is completely safe but I’m glad I am in Portugal which is one of the safest countries in the world. Terrorist attacks could happen here too of course. I hope that day never comes.

I took the above picture a few years ago. It is an entrance to the Buddhist shrine of Swayambhunath in Kathmandu. It’s a place of peace. This gate is the start of a long, steep and sweaty climb up to the top of the  hill, to the amazing shrine.


13 thoughts on “Stabbings and bombs. Gun ownership. St Cloud shopping mall

  1. So sorry to hear about the violence but I do believe the more guns the more potential for violence. The incidence of mass shootings here has dropped to zero after gun control measures were introduced. Also I can see why you would want to protect yourself. Fear is increasing and violence and hatred cousins to fear. Nice to see the photo of Nepal. It was a peaceful country when I visited back some time ago.

    • Good morning Amanda. Nepal is still relatively peaceful but the politics are in chaos. I actually hate guns but given the number of shootings in the USA, I think I’d prefer to have one for self defence. Best wishes from Dai

  2. I’m with you here Dai – I dread hearing the news nowadays – if it isn’t shooting, bombing or gun crime, then it’s the damn US presidential campaign. I dread either of them being made President. I wish there were other runners. Still I feel quite away from it all here in Devon.

    • Hi Jenny, it’s me, Dai. The news that I did enjoy hearing this afternoon was that the police had arrested the suspect in the New York bombing. He was from Afghanistan but was neutered in the USA.

  3. Good morning Dai. Isn’t it.. I feel the same. I feel like I need to completely shut off the influence of media from my life for at least a week and see how it goes.. This morning I woke up to the news of bomb scare in half a dozen of private schools in Kathmandu. Apparently the army was able to detonate all of them and have caught some suspects. They found leaflets of something called Nepal Youth Communist party.. Living in Poland and hearing the horrors of communism, I am just so repelled by the concept that there are political parties who want to establish this system in present day in Nepal.. Political instability in Nepal is really depressing..
    I do miss Swyambhu and living in Kathmandu sometimes.

    • Good morning, Pooja. It’s good to hear from you. The thing with me is that I’m very interested in world affairs so I’m always listening to the news from various countries. I listen to DW from Germany, FRA 24 from Paris, RT from Moscow, BBC from London, Al Jazeera from Qatar and Sky News from London. Pooja, I was shocked at that news from Kathmandu. I hadn’t heard about it. That is so sick. Who could plant bombs in schools ? And yes, the political instability never stops in Nepal and is so depressing. I feel that Nepal needs lots of younger blood in the government. And more business minded people that actually know what they are doing.

      Pooja, the single biggest thing which makes me happy to be living in Europe is having access to clean air to breathe. I’m not sure if your home there is the same but we have black dust covering everything in our Satungal home. As fast as the girls can clean it, it’s back again. That goes into our lungs. Otherwise for me the other things are bearable there. I mean the cooking gas, petrol, water and electricity shortages.

      Have a pleasant day, Pooja. I am definitely going to.

  4. Yes, my home is the same. It’s located in Tinkune, near the big roads so it gets quite dusty too.. I hated that about Kathmandu too, but when I was growing up it was so much better. I don’t know when this extreme air pollution started but not more than 10 years from what I remember.. It is so hazardous and nobody knows if it’s ever going to get better.
    The air in Finland, in a small town that I was living, was so clean and fresh. We were surrounded by trees and nature that Scandinavians are so crazy about, so it was great. Here in Lodz also it’s not bad, there are big parks and green spaces in every single neighborhood. Really pleasant. My boyfriend took just minutes to notice upon landing landing in Kathmandu that there were no trees or anything green. Just concrete.

    • It’s what hits me every time when I see Kathmandu from the plane window. There’s no greenery. Well I guess there was no planning so it had to happen. Nepal actually needs a completely new and planned capital with lots of green spaces. I am dreaming though. I fancy living in a place with forests and lakes but as long as I have a warm, comfortable home and a way to get to the shops easily. A boat and some fishing equipment too. The family, my dog, my music and happiness every day. Pooja, you’ve started me dreaming again.

  5. very true Dai….. even i have limited my time to listening to news…… we are failing to take this world in the right direction…… I still cant forget the image of syrian child who was rescued…. it gives me nightmare….. I do not understand what we are doing with other human beings….. god save this world……

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