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Thanks to my WordPress Friends. Multiply, some random thoughts.

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Although I’ve been a member of WordPress for several years, it’s only now that I’m learning how it all works. I have to say that it’s not an easy site to navigate but at the same time it is a really excellent site with MANY features. And of course my age is against me for learning all these things.  I’ve never ever tried to take a picture with my mobile phone and totally given up on my Smart Phone. One day I’m gonna find out what an app is.  I hate changes and updates and think that in so many ways life was so much better before this rush of technology hit us. I did master that fantastic blogging/social site called Multiply and I’m losing hope that it will ever come back.

After almost losing my mind trying to wade through the hundreds of facebook and WordPress notifications for years, I’ve finally done something about it and now I can easily manage my daily notifications once more.

The best thing I’ve learned about this week is how to manage my notifications here in WordPress. I’ve stopped getting them and instead I use a magic button in the top right hand corner of my site. I’ve found all sorts of great things there. I’ve found out how I can view WordPress members’ homepages and how to contact them.  I’ve found out which comments I must read and who has liked my posts. Now after spending several hours there this morning, I am totally up to date. Thank you Australian for changing my WordPress life for me.  Now I will be able to make comments again without any fear of being overwhelmed by notifications.

The next thing I want to do is to change the way my site looks. I  hate the way it is now and I only got it by accident. I got stumped in the process and couldn’t get my original theme back again. I might come begging for help soon, Pooja.

Last night I got hit like a ton of hot bricks by news of somebody’s death. Hearing about anybody’s death always changes my mood for hours and yesterday was no exception. I couldn’t sleep for hours because of thinking that this person was just not ready to die. I am still thinking and thinking about this awful news.

Life is generally excellent these days. I look forward to getting up each and every morning. It will be much better when all the immigration matters have been cleared and I can start planning and organising things.


12 thoughts on “Thanks to my WordPress Friends. Multiply, some random thoughts.

  1. You see, hereI am. found this posting on the reader. Glad you are now finding your way around in WordPress. I have now been here for at least 8-10 years and enjoy every minute of it. I have also met some wonderful people on the way. You are never too old to learn anything. If it doesn’t work the first time, then try again. also taking photos with the phone and uploading them is very easy if your have a good host for the photos. I do everything in Flickr as I have a direct connection to my phone.

    • Hi Pat. This is me, Dai. I hope you will get this because I’m typing it in a different place today. Yes I’m gradually sorting it all out and I even managed to change my THEME today. It’s not really what I wanted but I’ll have another go at it later and try again.

      I’ve got a good Canon camera which I prefer to phones and the phone I have really belongs in a museum. I do have a Smart Phone but NSC has kidnapped it and taken it down to his farm in the south of Portugal.

      I hope this works, Pat, but please let me know if you don’t get it and I’ll send it the old way.

      Have a nice weekend, Pat, and hello to Mr Swiss.

      • My son has a robot vacuum cleaner, must the same as my mowey, but programmed for the home. I do not know if I would want one. I probably would not need one so much as we have mainly stone an wood flooring and only a few carpets.

      • I don’t think I would want one, Pat. I think we need the exercise anyway. I always think that the people who pay to go to gyms would be much better off just walking instead of driving and spending much more time looking after their homes. Just doing the millions of daily things can keep us fit enough.

  2. Hi Dai! I am glad you’re doing better with WordPress now 🙂 How was your weekend?
    From yesterday, the temperatures have dropped significantly here and I pulled out my autumn jacket this morning :/ I do love autumn but only when it’s sunny! Is autumn colorful in Portugal too? I just love the orange and yellow and red in nature, and that’s why it’s my favorite season of the year.

    • Hi Pooja. It’s a gorgeous morning here in Lisbon, as usual although I saw a cloud on Saturday morning so summer may be ending soon.

      Pooja, my weekend was fine but nothing special happened except that I thoroughly cleaned two rooms in the apartment. I hate cleaning but it was long overdue. The mornings are much cooler these days and I’m also wearing a sweater early, until about 8 am when it starts warming up.

      Yes I also love the autumn colours but then I love most things about nature. In Kathmandu we had over a hundred potted plants and I used to love seeing all the plants open and flower in the spring but there all the plants get covered with black dust. Dust is not a problem here in Lisbon but here I only have two house plants but they sure are thriving and becoming monster size these days.

      I’m off for breakfast, Pooja. I’m really late today. Have a nice day there. Hungry Dai

  3. I like ur post. This reminds me of my struggling days with wp. Some of it is so difficult. To work around diff themes is not easy. And ur pic here is very lovely

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