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Changing the way I use facebook

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So I’m finally doing it and completely changing the way I use facebook. I had to do it because facebook was taking over my whole life and there was little time remaining for anything else.

I don’t want to leave facebook altogether because that would be tantamount to turning my back on years of friendship and that trait should be left to little old ladies in Denver, Carson City or Clacton-on-Sea.  So what I am doing is unfollowing all the mass posters and ignoring all the tags (I hate those because of the days of follow up comments).  I will no longer respond to most shares and anything frivolous.

I will respond to personal messages and posts from my friends, as usual. I love to see my friends’ family and travel pictures. These  measures should bring down the number of daily notifications to a more sensible 20 to 40 instead of the insane hundreds of notifications which I have been receiving in recent months.

I also have to do something about my WordPress notifications now. It seems like I can either get none at all or be swamped with endless comment notifications. I do want to read my friends’ posts and I do want to comment but the problem is that I also get notified of all the subsequent comments of posters and commenters. If I hit the UNSUBSCRIBE button I don’t get to see the responses to my comments either and of course I do want to see those. I’m not sure if there is an answer to this one but I am searching.

I’m sure that I’m going to lose some friends in facebook but only the people who refuse to understand my predicament. But one thing is for sure, I had to do something because I had no life left outside facebook and that was plain crazy.


14 thoughts on “Changing the way I use facebook

  1. Hi Dai.
    Usually what I do on FB, is I turn off notifications from people/posts I don’t want to follow, so I don’t get bombarded with irrelevant notifications..
    Hmm the wordpress issue sounds strange.. I have never faced it. but are you talking about the email notifications or you check all notifications on your wordpress homepage?
    Hope you’re having a nice day today in Lisbon! 🙂

    • Hi Pooja. It’s a gorgeous day here in Lisbon in spite of a poor forecast yesterday. I get the WordPress notifications in my Yahoo Mail inbox but apart from one, they are all between other followers and the poster. I get pages and pages every day. My problem is that I love to read the blogs and comment but I want my own comments and replies notified but I get everybody’s and in some cases for popular writers the notifications run into several dozens. What do you do to avoid this?

      • I never check my email to see the notifications, I just sign in to my wordpress account and on the top right corner is orange icon (which is otherwise not lighted) when there are notifications.. This way I do not get answers to comments or comments by other people, only something that has to do with me.

      • Oh yes, Kat told me that as well. So I won’t get any comments by others? That’s good thanks Pooja. That is what I’m going to do from now on. Take care Pooja and thanks.

  2. Facebook is frenemy for me too so i understand what you mean. As for WordPress uptick “Notify me of new comments via email” and it should decrease the amount of emails you are getting. You will still be notified if someone reply’s to your comment.

    All the best dai .

    • Australian, you have just changed my life. Finally I know where I have been going wrong. I have been ticking that box every time instead of leaving it unticked. I thought I had to do that to get notified of the poster’s reply to my comment. You can imagine the sheer amount of notifications I have been getting these past few years. It’s been driving me crazy. Big thanks to you, Australian. Now I can start commenting without any fears.

  3. It isn’t easy to navigate the new technology. I think you have been doing really well. The more you experiement and explore on wordpress, the more you will understand and be able to do. I guess you could still tick that box for notifications of email on comment conversations that you do won’t to follow – even when it is someone else making a comment. When the post or thread runs dry and the comments stop, those notifications for that post would also drop off. Then you can still check the top right icon button ( star for like, comment box for comment, and plus sign for a new follower). WordPress is a great platform and unlike smartphones,and apps, they don’t update every month and change the whole system every few months or so, giving us time to get out head around all the little things we can do. WordPress does a lot for you! Good luck with the adventure. I have followed your blog on and off since you were in Nepal!

    • Hi Amanda. I’m more on Australian time right now. It’s 2:47 am here in Lisbon and I’m awake much too early.I am progressing in WordPress at a snail’s pace and finally I have sorted out all the comments/notifications. I’ve also successfully changed my theme. It’s a wonderful site I think, Amanda.

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