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Spending far less time on the internet. Terrible 727 bus service

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Dai in Saigon, Vietnam

It’s yet another gorgeous morning here in Lisbon and I always feel great on these bright sunny mornings, until I have to go outside that is.  I far prefer being in my cool (relatively) apartment.  That picture wasn’t taken in Lisbon. It was taken a few years ago in Saigon.

Yesterday I had a nightmare journey over to Alcantara. When I reached the nearby bus stop, the arrival indicator said the 727 bus would be there in 50 minutes. That was really long and unusual, even for a Sunday. I noticed four 727s passing in the opposite direction but I had to sit and wait in the hot bus stop for 45 minutes before a 727 came along. The bus was unbelievably packed and the driver did not even open the entry door so I had to squeeze myself in at the exit only door further along the bus. It was impossible to reach the ticket swipe machine so I just hoped that no ticket inspectors would board the bus.  It was ridiculously hot and I had no place for my feet  I hung on to a glass pane near the door. What a relief when my stop came in Alcantara.  I thought that Kathmandu buses were bad but that was plain crazy. Going home the 727 bus was half empty and I had a seat. The airconditioning was working and the journey was pleasant. I never did find out what caused the very long delay with my first bus.

So I’m going to spend far, far less time in facebook.  I’ve really had enough now. I am going to cancel almost all notifications and just keep the people who actually bother to comment under my posts. I was almost a prisoner to facebook, every day trying to comment as much as possible to my friends’ posts.  I will answer all private messages as usual. So when people want to find me, they can.  What I would really like is to have only a very low number of contacts who actually care about me and bother to make comments to my posts.  I intend taking similar action here with my WordPress contacts and only follow the people who actually make an effort to keep in touch and make comments, like my very valued friend Pooja who always makes a huge effort. I know some people will be offended but I don’t know any other way. I am spending most of my life online these days and I have to get myself off.

PS.   Only people with WordPress accounts are able to make comments here in WordPress. But for those who do want to make comments, getting an ID and password takes only a few minutes.

Some facebook contacts blindly click the LIKE under my blog link without even reading what I wrote. They don’t realise that they can be seen in WordPress.  That is really making a fool of me so those people are also going to get deleted.



10 thoughts on “Spending far less time on the internet. Terrible 727 bus service

  1. Oh Dai it does sound horrific travelling in those circumstances. I really do feel for you. Here in the West Country we have had a lousy summer, despite the fact that the weathermen say we have experienced a hot summer in the UK. It has been a definite east – west divide. There are often 8 to 9 degrees difference between the east coast and the west. It’s such a shame because holiday makers come down here hoping for some good weather – bit of a disappointment this year I’m afraid. So I’m off to Turkey in 3 weeks time to get some much needed warm weather. I do love that picture of you – you look so happy there. I do feel too, that you are very happy in Portugal. Obviously a good move for you. Speak again soon. x

    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jenny. Off to Turkey. That’s great. I wouldn’t mind a trip there myself. I’ve only had a night in Istanbul City and it looked really tempting. One day I’m going to make it there.

  2. Your bus reminds me of the rush hour in London when I was young and lovely and working.
    I gave up on Facebook general many years ago. I have my own page in Facebook, as you know and mainly only cross post my blogs from WordPress. The general chit chat there does not interest me. I was in a couple of photo groups, but left them behind a long while ago. I did not have the time. Liking is ok, but then it was expected that I should comment and I really did not have time for that. I get all I need from Internet in WordPress. I have even met up with one or two WordPress people when they might be in Switzerland and they are a lovely bunch. Facebook – no thanks, if I have problems I do it in private and not tell the whole FB world about it. Enjoy life Dai, we only have one and Facebook is not the real world is it.

    • you’ve really echoed all my thoughts, Pat. I’m making big changes in facebook right now because recently I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the internet and had no chance of keeping up.

  3. Hi Dai! Wow, that bus ride sounds truly dreadful. 45 minutes?! They surely have bus schedules in Portugal?
    You look very happy on the photo from Saigon 🙂
    Facebook can be a nasty platform: sometimes I also get tired there. What I hate the most is when long-lost acquaintances add you, and don’t even bother talking to you. It feels like you’re being spied when this happens. I regularly clean my facebook contact list, but I still have over 200 contacts there. Hardly 20 of them are in regular touch.
    We’re having a wonderful, hot September here, Dai! Last few days to be able to sit and eat/drink outside. Loving it.

    • That happens to me too, Pooja. In fact I have one person who has said hello/answered twice in two years and four or five days ago surfaced once more. I’m sure I deserve better than that. So I’m truly sick of the facebook world. Then there are the precious few who really do bother and I would hate to lose those people.

      It’s been a horribly hot summer here in Lisbon, Pooja, but finally we’re having some cooler days and today should only be 22c maximum. I must get out today again to enjoy the cooler temperature.

      Yes there are bus schedules here, Pooja, and generally I find the transport here very good but I do get unlucky with this 727 route.

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