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Getting better slowly. Fish & chips for lunch today.

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NSC and my friend Pia in Lisbon

It was great to have both my friend Pia and NSC here at the same time. Pia’s flight from Zurich was delayed by 3 hours 20 minutes and she finally arrived about 7 pm.  NSC came up from his workplace in the south of Portugal by bus and arrived about 9:15 pm. A Nepalese dinner was waiting and a bottle of great Portuguese ice cold sparkling wine. We ate late, about 10:30 pm, after lots of chat and laughter.

Yesterday I suddenly became ill. I had all the usual flu symptoms but now I’ve realised that  it wasn’t flu because I’m already on the mend after just 24 hours. My skin was burning and my whole body was hurting. I was sweating for many hours and just wanted to sleep all the time yesterday. I’ve been checking for the most likely sickness on the internet and it seems like I had sunstroke or heat exhaustion with dehydration.  Anyway I’m still not recovered but I’m far better than yesterday and actually feel like eating today. Over the past week I know I’ve been pushing my body to its limit in these high temperatures. Climbing up and down these hills in 30c to 36c is sure no fun and at home there is no airconditioning to cool off. I just have to use my table fan to try to keep cool.

About an hour ago I saw NSC take a large red fish from the freezer so it’s defrosting now and I think he will make fish & chips with salad for lunch today.  Red fish is my favourite and I LOVE fish & chips so lunch is going to be great today I think.

Well I  want to go back to bed now because I am getting sweaty again, sitting here. Tomorrow I hope I will be back to normal because I need to go out to several places.


11 thoughts on “Getting better slowly. Fish & chips for lunch today.

  1. Oh dear, I wonder if you are suffering from heat exhaustion. I hope you’ll take care and drink lots of fluids. (And by fluids, I don’t mean wine!! 🙂 ) Fish and chips sound great and I’m glad you had a wonderful time with Pia and NSC. Take good care of yourself, Dai.

    I’m now back in Virginia after just returning yesterday from our trip to Iceland and it will take me a while to recover as we were very active on that holiday. Now I need a week or so to recover! I wonder if you got your WordPress notification problem worked out? Let me know before I take the time to answer your email. 🙂

    • Hi Kat. Yes I got your notification in my Yahoo inbox. The whole thing was driving me crazy and I found the solution just by chance. I had never changed my settings so it will stay a mystery to me.

      • Dai, I assume you know that when you open your blog, in the upper right hand corner, there’s a little bubble like what you see in cartoon conversations. If you click on that bubble, a whole drop down menu of your notifications appears. You can also write back responses directly from there. If the conversation bubble is yellow, that means there are new notifications. That’s how I read most of my comments, and respond to them. 🙂

    • Hi Aunty Wilma. I am the chef today because Dai is not completely better yet. I will stay in Lisbon for another day at least until he make himself 100% better again. I remember you from Multiply. You know Dai from long time ago. Have a great day ahead Aunty.

  2. Hi Dai. I hope you’re feeling better by the time you get this comment. Doesn’t sound pleasant at all to climb those hills in such temperatures! I hope you will be taking good care of yourself.
    That is so British isn’t it, Dai 🙂 Loving fish and chips. 🙂 I LOVE momos any time of the day, month or year, is it the same thing with the Brits about fish and chips?
    We’re finally having good hot weather this weekend, which I assume will be the last this summer. I am going to grill some Polish sausages and chicken (in Tandoori sauce) and chill over the weekend. I need it after last 11 days of crazy, active traveling across South Eastern Europe.

    • Hi Pooja. I’m still resting and sweating but I’m much better than yesterday. I can’t help smiling when reading your great comment. Yes you are right. I know how much Nepalis love those momos. And I love my fish & chips so much

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