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A day in the life of Dai

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Looking across the estuary from Lapa

Greetings from sunny (and hot) Lisbon.  Life is really great recently except that there aren’t enough hours in the day. I was wondering what I’d do after the Olympics on TV  but it is no problem at all. My problem is always how can I get the time to do everything I want.

Many people ask me what I find to do all day long. I’m never really sure how to answer them because of course it’s not just one or two things we do daily but many hundreds of small things which can make our day really busy.

So here are the events which made up my day yesterday. I will omit most of the very small things

5:04 am    Woke up after an intense but not bad dream. My first thought on waking up is tea. I love tea and mostly start my day with a large mug of sweet tea with soya milk.

5:19 am  Online of course. Every morning I have to wade through hundreds of facebook notifications but I delete most of the stuff and watch out for any personal or important things. In the past few weeks I’ve been having problems with my WordPress account and so haven’t been receiving notifications. I think (and hope) I’ve now solved this problem and can be notified of my friends’ blogs again. It took me off and on, eighteen hours of frustration to solve this problem.

7 am     Breakfast of porridge with cinnamon, ground ginger, soya milk and chopped fruit. Washed dishes. Packed the garbage ready to throw in the container. Read some WordPress blogs. Took a bag of fruit down to a neighbour.

8:07 am    Had a shower and shave. made a list of things to do. Without a list I usually forget most things. I’ve entered a supermarket several times without knowing what I wanted to get. That’s old age I guess.

9 am approx    Walked down to the nearest bus top and caught Bus 706 to Cais do Sodre metro station. It was already too hot for me but the bus was airconditioned. Took metro train to Martim Moniz.  Train was packed and very unpleasant inside.

9:25 am    Arrived at the barber shop. The salon is run by local Bangladeshis and they charge only five Euros for a cut. I much prefer that to paying 12 to 14 Euros at a fancy Portuguese salon. The barber knows me well and how I want my hair cut. I felt fantastic after losing all that hair.

10:10 am approx    Walked to a Chinese supermarket in Martim Moniz.  Bought a bunch a celery, some Guangdong chilli sauce, half a kilo of monosodium glutamate and a kilo of cold tofu.

11 am approx    Back to Martim Moniz shopping centre where I got another door key cut for NSC. He was missing one key but finally I remembered to cut one for him. The key was for a rarely used door but just in case. The metro train coming back was ridiculously packed and it was difficult for the doors to close on the crowds of passengers.

Noon approx     It was a big relief to get back home and I drank some glasses of cold water and flopped on my bed in front of the fan. I decided to cancel all plans to walk  up to a nearby supermarket for bread and more chick peas. In case you are wondering what I do with the chick peas,  I make my own hummus. I eat a lot of hummus and have made up my own favourite recipe which includes turmeric and ground pumpkin seeds. I even make the tahini paste myself these days. It’s really easy and saves paying €5 for a small jar every time.

12:30 pm   Made lunch. Mashed potatoes with dal,  canned tuna fish,  tomatoes and raw organic spinach. It may sound disgusting but I love this fast meal.  Watched the news and some other programme on TV. Washed dishes and made a pot of hummus and seven glasses of yogurt.

2:30 pm     It was horribly hot so I decided to have a siesta in front of the fan. I woke up about two and a half hours later, about 5 pm, feeling thirsty again. I made a large mug of tea and also a bowl of yogurt with mango and honey.

5:15 pm     I watched my favourite programme on TV. It is called House Hunters International.  It shows every day from Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm but there are many adverts. I hate those adverts.

From 8 pm till about 10 pm I was online, reading posts and making comments. I slept about 10 pm and had a terrific sleep until about 4:50 am today.

Tomorrow Kumar will arrive about 10 pm, by train, metro and bus, from the south of Portugal.  I’ll have dinner ready, no doubt helped by Pia.  Pia is from Vienna in Austria and she will arrive in Lisbon Airport tomorrow at 3:35 pm via Zurich.

Well that’s it. All my boring news for today.

Update, 6 pm 24th August 2016.  Pia’s flight was delayed by over three hours so she’ll get here around 8 pm and then we have to wait for Kumar’s arrival at about 9 pm.




16 thoughts on “A day in the life of Dai

    • Hi Goodstuff. Thanks for the comment. I seem to be getting WordPress notifications again after some weeks of nothing. My settings had been changed but I’m 100% sure I didn’t change anything on those pages. Very strange. I didn’t realise that you were on WordPress. I’m going to attempt to follow your blog now.

  1. Hi Dai.
    Oh I would love to live someplace where they have Chinese supermarkets and lots of ethnic restaurants :/ I heard that they have Nepali momo stations all over Australian cities.
    Your lunch sounds good, Dai. I was thinking of making Nepali dinner today, but now I feel too lazy to do it..
    I paid 40 PLN for a haircut here 2 weeks ago.. I suppose that’s about 7-8 euros. Men have it slightly cheaper. But then again, Poland has some of the lowest living costs in Europe. I remember how it cost 50 euros to get a women’s haircut in Finland and here it’s 3 times less..

    • Hi Pooja. I got your two notifications. Problem solved until next tile. I’m still wondering how it happened though. I’ve just come back from our local supermarket but it’s too hot to be climbing hills. I hate supermarkets but I need them these days. €50 in Finland is madness. I’d cut my own I think but God only knows what it would look like. €10 is bad enough. So glad we have Bangladeshi and Nepali barbers shops here. Great to be back again. I’ve been wondering what the hell happened recently.

    • I’m sitting here laughing at that, Bri. I hope you don’t think I’m going to use it all at once. It’ll last me a lifetime I think. It was the smallest size I could find in the Chinese supermarket. I use it only occasionally so you can relax again, Bri. Please ask Jasmine how much she puts in a curry. I really haven’t much idea but I usually put 1/4 teaspoon when I add it. Thanks, Bri.

      • In NZ its a big no no!! MSG is like a dirty word. Food has to have it written on the label if it has MSG in it. Also it has to be written in restaurants that they use it , so many advertise that they are MSG free. Why do you use it? Did you know it makes your eyesight bad. Thats why Asians have bad eyes and so many wear glasses? I’m concerned… hugs

      • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Glenda. Good to see youover here. Don’t you ever feel like writing some blogs ? Don’t worry about the MSG because we don’t use it in the same way the Chinese and Thais do. Lucky if we get through one teaspoonful in a month here because we use it rarely and in minute quantities. Hugs back, Glenda. Great to see you in WordPress.

    • Greetings, Parijat. I wish I could answer you clearly but I doubt myself if I could ever get back to those pages. I get hopelessly confused with WordPress even though I love the site. There are far too many pages and features for my humble brain. I solved the problem by sheer chance in the end when I happened on the settings pages for comments (1) and emails (2). In both cases those little boxes had been ticked to show that I didn’t want emails but I was 100% sure that I had never visited the pages and ticked those boxes. I have now deselected the boxes and all is working well. For how long, I’ve no idea.

  2. love the view from the top, Dai! walking up and down the road is no easy feat especially on hot summer days! keep cool and hydrated! cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Wilma. I hate all this climbing in the scorching heat. I hope that by next summer I will have airconditioning. I’m drinking loads of water with lemon juice these days. Cheers Wilma. You should be here today because we’re making fish & chips and salad for lunch. Possibly with a glass of ice cold beer too. Cheers Wilma.

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