High temperatures in Lisbon

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Neighbouring buildings

It’s the ISEG University near my flat in Lisbon. There is a nice garden at the side where we can go for a coffee or a snack and relax under the cool trees in Lisbon’s  scorching heat.

I’ve been going out much less recently as the summer temperatures rise here in Lisbon. Today the mercury hit 35c or 95f which was too hot for me. I spent most of my day doing nothing, online, watching the TV, staying in front of the fan.  I wasn’t totally lazy because I did cook trout and french fries for lunch with salad and a glass of vinho branco (white wine). These high temperatures will be with us for at least the next six days. I could do with a damn good thunderstorm to cool things  down a bit. I’m feeling sorry for Kumar, working outside in these hot temperatures.

Assembleia Republica

Here’s the Assembleia Republica or Parliament Building. It’s just along the road from my flat. I’ve never been inside and don’t suppose I ever will.  When we go anywhere, we catch buses and trams from here.

I’m going to Bournemouth soon. I need to buy a few things and visit  my solicitor to sort out a couple of things. I’d have gone long ago but I hate the flying part, even though it’s only two hours from Lisbon to Heathrow.  And then soon it’s time to buy tickets for Kathmandu, a horribly long journey. I’m not sure whether Kumar and Anna Maria will be flying with me or going next year instead.

Tomorrow night I have a visitor flying in and staying for two days. I suppose that means a lot of eating and drinking.  I can think of worse things haha. Living here in the sun guarantees lots of visitors, especially in the summer months.

Near Castelo in Lisbon

I love to see the huge ocean liners coming up and down the estuary. I can see the river from the kitchen window and Kumar’s bedroom window. I took this picture up on the hill near St George’s Castle.

It’s 10:30 pm here in Lisbon and still 26c.  It’s going to be a very warm night and I’ll be using the fan all night. I wish I had airconditioning.

News is just coming in from Nice about a truck ploughing into the crowds celebrating Bastille Day. One of my friends has just flown back home to Nice so I  hope he is okay.  I’m going to watch the news now.